Domaine de Montnègre : exploitant de vins du Languedoc

Domain and cave

Domaine de Montnègre

Mas de Ratte

Route de Montpellier

34150 Gignac

Little cellar and office

7 rue de la Lergue Cambous

34725 St André de Sangonis

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The Domain of Montnègre
The life in the vineyard
The life in the cellar

The Domain

The Domain of Montnègre

The soil of the domain in hillsides coming down towards the river Hérault, defines itself by its argilo-calcareous ground, its northwest exposure, its climate exposed to the North wind, to the tramontana and to the maritime entries.

The domain is a medium sized estate for the area, managed on a familial and traditional way. In order to realise farming jobs on best times, we often appeal to an equipped and experimented company of agricultural works. It is true for big works as the preparation of new plantations but also for cutting or “épamprage” for example.

The Culture

Respectful of the nature and our environment, we opted for an integrated farm management: ploughing as often as possible, applying only the indispensable treatments to avoid the diseases. Furthermore, the relative isolation of our lands, the only one liking in end of cultivated zone, and encircled by the scrubland, protects us a little.

The Domain of Montnègre

Nine vines are cultivated at Montnègre: five vines of the A.O.C.: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cinsault and Carignan, as well as Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot, in red. What allows us to make every year a wine of Controlled Origin Label (AOC) and some “vin de pays” wines. A small part of our A.O.C. ages in oak barrels for one year, before being bottling and proposed to the sale, it remains " the Exception ", our top of the range.

Finally an old vineyard of Ugni Blanc allows us to make a “vin de pays”, white, original and very pleasant.